• NutriCount® services can set you apart from your competitors and give your business another unique selling point
  • Having professional menu analysis can increase sales. The details of how to use this initiative to your advantage will be discussed with you and your business partner(s) during the initial consultation.

Restaurants that already have NutriCount® accredited menus said it was financially beneficial to their business.

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  • NutriCount® will give your business credibility as all menu analysis is carried out by state registered MINDI consultant dietitians/Clinical   nutritionists. Analysis data needs to be transparent so that consumers are reassured, and your menus will be endorsed accordingly by NutriCount®.

Use the research to your advantage!

  • In the past 20 years obesity rates in Ireland have increased by 127%. Ireland now has the second highest rate of obesity in Europe.
  • Research has also shown that 25% of all foods consumed in Ireland are prepared or eaten outside the home. This is a huge market share!
  • Meals eaten outside the home are larger than meals prepared at home, and are significantly higher in calories, fat and salt, particularly ‘Takeaway meals’.
  • NutriCount® mentors clients through the menu analysis process so that your food business can respond to the 95% of Irish consumers who  have stated that they support calorie labelling on menus.  Calorie posting should therefore be aimed at your current clientele and also at all other people who eat out regularly (25% market share), not aimed at consumers who rarely eat out (75%).
  • Recent research from the US has also shown that Restaurants Serving Lower-Calorie Choices Do Better Financially.