NutriCount® is currently VAT exempt. (**Details available on request)

Fees incurred are also a tax deductible business expense.

The overall cost is based on the time required to complete the analysis, which depends on a number of factors such as the number of items or dishes to be analysed, number of ingredients per analysis, and whether or not your menu or meals will carry any health claim(s).

A cost schedule will be prepared for and discussed with each individual client.

Loyalty discounts will be offered to clients for repeat business.

Terms & Conditions apply, and will be included in your customised costing schedule and business proposal.

NutriCount® has also negotiated special rates with a number of laboratories for nutritional analysis and allergen labelling, if such analysis is required for accuracy or legislative purposes.

NutriCount® name and logos are registered Trademarks in the Republic of Ireland (Irish Patents Office), and are owned by Niamh O’Connor.

NutriCount® is also registered with the Companies Registration Office of Ireland (CRO registered no. 475125).