How It Works

How It Works

NutriCount® professional menu analysis is carried out in Ireland by state registered MINDI consultant dietitians/Clinical nutritionists. Working with such technical experts will add credibility to your business, and your menus/restaurants will be endorsed accordingly.

Our experts are professionally trained to use accredited, validated and comprehensive nutritional analysis software systems such as WISP®, WinDiet®, DietPlan6® and Nutritics® which are based on McCance & Widdowson food and nutrient composition tables. This is an important consideration as outlined in the FSAI Technical Guidance Notes.

“Calorie labelling must be accurate. Displaying the amount of calories on food and beverages is a form of food labelling & is governed by strict food labelling legislation. The most important rule of food labelling is that the consumer must not be misled”

Analysis data needs to be transparent and accurate, so that consumers are reassured.

Our consultant dietitians & nutritionists will work with the managers and chefs in your food businesses to provide a basic calorie count or a more comprehensive nutritional analysis of relevant dishes on your menu. We can also advise on relevant changes to certain recipes or menu items to provide a more favourable nutritional profile if required, particularly in relation to health claims. As our dietitians are members of INDI they work under a strict code of Ethics & Best Practice, and have Full Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

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